Viddyoze 3.0 Review – 13 Reasons Why You Might Want a Piece of This Cake [OR NOT]

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Reason Numero 1 According to Viddyoze founders this is the last time they are offering this type of deal. The last time you will be able to get an unlimited rendering license for the templates included with your purchase. We will talk more about this later.

Reason Number 2 It is one of the easiest, as far as we know, non-complex software to create: Studio-Grade Intros Outros CTAs Logo Stings Social Actions and Pure Live Action Magic Reason Number 3 You can create your videos from anywhere. There is no software to install. The platform is 100% cloud based & mobile compatible. Reason Number 4 You will be able to customize the animations to match your brand in less than a minute.

Create really cool professional video clips with your brand logo and colors in just 3 short steps. You choose a template, customize it, render it. Done. Reason Number 5 You don’t have to lose your time waiting for unreliable freelancers or expensive contractors to give you results.

No need for non-ending revisions. Create results yourself or someone in your team immediately. Reason Number 6 The new version comes with over 170+ professional templates. Including the BRAND NEW “Viddyoze Extended” Animations.

Which you can use to create mini promo videos. Reason Number 7 You don’t have to be an expert in marketing, design or motion graphics to create great looking video clips. Each template comes with its custom audio. Produced specifically to match with it.

So you don’t need to discover, select or even purchase music for the clips. Reason Number 8 The live action templates allow you to put your logo or image on short movie clips with real actors and models. Painting a wall. Wearing your logo t-shirt.

Browsing an art gallery. With your art. Reason Number 9 More than 80, 000 customers are using the platform. Which renders more than 2500 clips per day.

This is a solid software. Reason Number 10 If you are thinking you should actually buy this software for your own projects. Think what you could also do by offering it as a service to your clients. Because if you buy the Commercial License you get Unlimited Usage Rights On Client Videos as well.

Reason Number 11 The Commercial license also gives you Unlimited Renders. The Personal one gives you a maximum of 30 per month. The only other similar software we’ve found gives you a max of 10. No unlimited option.

Reason Number 12 There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can get it before it’s gone and if after trying it you don’t feel it can add something of value to your businesses, just request your money back. Reason Number 13 This is the last time they are offering this type of deal. I know, we’ve got back to the beginning.

But there is simply no other software in the market with all of this for this price. The Commercial license is a one-time payment of $67 dollars. Which give you access to the more than 170+ templates. Ok.

Let’s open the calculator. Imagine you want to render one template a day for your videos. That is around 30 videos per month. It would take you more than 5 months to use all the ones that come with the core package.

In that same time, with After Effects, you’d have spent almost a $100 just to have the software. And you would have to learn how to use it. You would also have to get the templates from a marketplace like Envato. Which cost $16 or more each time you want to use it on a new project.

Or Motion Array where you need a subscription of more than $20 per month. Which includes just 4 downloads per month. So why is this the last time this type of deal is available? The platform is moving towards a marketplace business model. Just like the ones I just mentioned.

Luckily the price for each render is supposed to be just $10. It will still be cheaper than other options but not even close to this window of opportunity. Going back to the calculator. 30 renders per month would cost you $300 USD.

Rendering the whole library will cost you $1700. Each time you do it. But until the cart is closed this week, for $67 you can render 400 videos if you want, every month. And even sell them to your customers for $50 each.

And that’s the last reason. We would say this deal is actually a no brainer. Now, for the [NOT] part� Why you might want to pass on this opportunity? Let’s try to list some reasons: You are not using video on your businesses and have no plans in doing so. We could bore you to death with stats on why you should start using video if you are not doing it already.

But I’m more curious to know why are you here then? You have hours to spend on creating original video clips. All the power to you, in that case this platform is probably not for you. Though one very good way to learn is to copy and modify something that’s already awesome. You want to learn After Effects and have the hours and money to spend on it.

Again, this might be a very valid reason to pass on this opportunity. But, again, you’ll never be able to crank up a new video clip in less than a minute with AE. Anyway, that’s it for this episode. If you have enjoyed it please share it and subscribe to get more jam packed video related information.

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